Monday, May 28, 2012

Finish :D

all paper is done.! yippiee......
after this, there is no more sitting for an exam
now i'm feel free..  oh yeah!!

after fight for an exam.
it's time for token ourselves!
start from "man days out"
chill and have a lunch together with buddies
and then make some fun at giant karaoke.

kerna ku kekasihmu.. hingga ke akhir hayat. ^_^

but it's not finished yet bebeh..
we go and make some fitness activity by hiking at Broga.
around 18 person involved. 10 men and 8 woman.
the sweet memory.. solat dekat atas puncak.
tenang dan nyaman doh. aku tak pernah mengalaminya. :)

it's time for some photo shoot.!!

i feel free. :)
peminat Dr. wan doh..

 muka janin.
broga hill.

seronok berkawan dengan anda semua. :)
meor, ammin, doy, ez, giru, epul bahari, dan lain2.
panjang umur kita jumpa lagi ea.

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