Wednesday, January 26, 2011

big mistake?

aku ingat aku dah makan da tadi.
rupa-rupanya belum makan lagi.
aku lupeeeeeee~!!
malang sekali. 

i don't know what to say.
sometimes i feel like crazy.
are you crazy?
oh.. absolutely not.!

i hate this situation.
when i don't know what have i done.
and finally someone feel angry with me.

oh damn..
i don't like to make people mad with me.
especially my special girlfriend.
i'm so sorry.

i don't have a choice.
i have to accept it.
although i'm not agree.
but.. i don't have any choice.
hope you will be happy in whatever that you want to do.
peace and love. ^_^
p/s : alamak.. mata sudah bengkak. mari kita tidur. :) 

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