Monday, October 4, 2010

i wish

i wish i that can die 1st than you because i can't live without you. i wish you are happy with me. so that, i will be happy too. i wish that i can see you, meet you and touch you. that is what i wished. went we see face to face, i wish that i can hug you. [I'm really miss you]. i wish that i can stand with you and i wish you can stand it too. i wish i can love more than you loves me. that is my effort. i wish that you can feel my heart and you say "i can feel it" i wish that you are more serious and give Ur full commitment with me.

i wish, i wish, i wish, i wish, i wish, i wish, i wish, i wish.

Allah knows what best for me.
we are only able to plan and everything is decided by the ALLAH.

 because i loves you, I hope I can be patient.
and i believe that one day, My wish would be achieved :)

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