Tuesday, July 13, 2010

belajar untuk berbual

i told my dad..
dad, tomorrow i have a presentation.
and im staying at hostel 4 a week.
is it ok 4 u.

my father said..

i said..
next week my final exam.
this week study week,
so i want to study with my friend.

my father told me.
ok son.. ;)
son.. study hard.. get the best result.

and i said..
insyaallah dady, u know its hard.
but im try the best i can.
if i can't.. please don't blame me ya dad.

he said..
its ok.. at least u try.
what are the result.. don't mind.
xde rezeki kn. but study hard ok son.

i said..
ok dad.. i try..
but im sory if i can't make u proud.

and dad smiling ;)
thanks dad cz very understanding.

p/s :
saje gedik nk speaking. kalo ade kesalahan tatabahasa.
ignore je ok. haha